Diana C.


Throughout my life, I have been the beneficiary of pokes, prods, nudges, preparation, great examples to model, and opportunities provided by my family, teachers and college professors. However, one extraordinary, Year Up-like experience was through the INROADS program. I earned a summer internship at AT&T Bell Labs headquartered in New Jersey. I commuted an hour and half one way, every day, throughout the summers of my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. I had my own office, telephone, and used what was a precursor to the internet. I learned C++ programming language and used it to design a model of how a touch screen phone would operate. At 17 years of age, I learned how to dress for and feel comfortable in a professional setting. I developed my programming skills and demonstrated capacity to explicate my thinking to peers and managers. I discovered my resilience and wherewithal to commute on the NJ turnpike, pay tolls and be accountable to being on time and ready. I spent most of my internship pay on tolls and gas, but I knew it was an investment.

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