When I had started to consider Year Up, I was freshly graduated from a school that is notorious for graduating students who couldn’t either graduate on time or had trouble learning. I had ended up spending the next month trying to find a job since the winter semester for college had already started and to be honest, it really didn’t go very well. I ended up not earning the job because of my education status or the amount of experience I had and I was extremely irritated because of that, during that month I had sent a form to YU in hopes that maybe I wouldn’t have to go for the job hunt towards a depressing/dead end job. I have to say I couldn’t be more happy with the decision I made spending those few minutes to turn in a form instead of playing league of legends. From there a raspy fellow named Rio had assaulted my voicemail(with good intentions) about the info session that I signed up for, I showed up somewhat skeptical of the program. I was wrong.

Everything about this place gave me hope that I could forge a road for me to walk on, the futuristic/modern design of the building, the smiles of the staff/students I met, the quotes on the wall, and the main message that was presented in the YU video. I wanted to earn my place and support this movement to reduce the opportunity divide.

At this current moment I am in the last week of learning and development, my entire course of Year Up has been very difficult due to personal issues and performance issues. My main support model in this time was Brian Kenney, he had fed me the hard facts and gave me ultimatums that made perfect sense. No one can choose this success for me, only I can do it for myself.

My advice to someone like me is to always accept or ask for help when you need it, pride can get in the way of your success, so dont ever let that happen.

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