Susan O.


Currently I am semi-retired following 20+ years self employment in the world of financial organization and accounting software training and technical support. I dropped out of college in my first year for what I told myself was financial reasons. However, it had more to do with an unplanned pregnancy. This was probably a predictable outcome as I had lived most of my life in a dysfunctional family and had attended 10 schools in 12 years. My father deserted us and our stepfather was abusive and our mother divisive. I never returned to college, much to my regret. However, I learned through a less traditional route: on the job. I had to take advantage of every opportunity that came my way and learn to value those life experiences to find my calling. At the point I felt confident of my skills, I launched what became a very rewarding career in helping small businesses unravel the mysteries of financial accountability and organization. I was paid well and at the end of the day I felt I had made a difference in the lives of my clients. We do not have to become a victim of our circumstances, but a champion of overcoming those circumstances.

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