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Norms for virtual engagement

Year Up has worked to compile a list of norms for virtual engagement for all students and staff.  Use these as a guidepost, but your site or instructor may add some additional norms on top of these!

tips for online learning

Have you ever thought, “I’m not good at online learning”?

We’ve all felt that way at one point or another, but the fact is, we learn online every day, through things like social media, news apps, etc. Also, it’s highly likely that at some point in our careers, we will be forced to learn online whether that’s through an online training, virtual new hire onboarding, or something else.

To get started in your online learning journey, check out these 8 Tips for Effective Online Learning to prepare yourself for the online learning environment.

preparing for your internship

Is your internship in-person?

Check out our Tips for Starting In-Person Internships. Maybe you started your internship in person, but due to Coronavirus concerns, your manager has asked you and your team to work-from-home. Check our one-pager on Working From Home Due to Coronavirus Concerns to make sure you’re following the right protocols and making the most of your work-from-home days.

Is your internship remote?

We’ve compiled a set of expectations for your first month on the job. Looking for more best practices around working-from-home? Check out the following:

supplemental learning

Are you looking to enhance your classroom learning experience or fill downtime on your internship?  We’re constantly working to compile new resources to support students and interns in their Year Up journey.  As such, we have partnered with Pluralsight to offer licenses to students and interns free of charge. 

Pluralsight is a technology skills e-learning platform that provides in-depth, tailored training across IT, Software Development, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, and other business and creative professional content areas (i.e. Project Management and Graphic Design).

For Students:

  • Pluralsight content may be used in the classroom to supplement, enhance, or replace your learning experience. 

    If you already have an account, we recommend starting with the Pluralsight Learner: Getting Started course.  From there, feel free to check out our L&D content channels which have been mapped to Year Up curriculum (Year Up staff may provide you with links to channels designed specifically for your site as well). 

For Interns:

  • If you’re working from home and you have a lot of downtime or your internship has paused, Pluralsight can be used for professional development. For an account, contact your Internship Services manager who will provide more guidance on where to start, and once you login for the first time, we recommend starting with Pluralsight Learner: Getting Started and Working through Unforeseen Circumstances.  Once you’re up and running, check out our internship content channels which have been mapped to common Year Up internship skills needed to be successful.

In addition to Pluralsight, EdX, Khan Academy, Codeacademy, Coursera, and YouTube are all good supplemental resources to check out and are free of charge

Note: Only the audit functionality of Coursera is free. 

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